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Who we are
We are a team of audacious, intellectual, youthful and agile with a combined expertise in development , design, analytics, research, and allied specialties that enable us to provide comprehensive and robust services.

1Codde aims to cater businesses of all sizes, right from the ambitious start-ups dotting the surface of urban industrial India to the established and experienced enterprises that run our economic engine.

What makes us take up such a variety of services is the realization that the digital world is a whole different battleground and that it matters as much as the offline environment, at times even more so.

1Codde also has a unique structure of functioning which strives more for Quality and also timely communication with the client for hasselfree performance and deliver on-time high quality solutions.We continuously invest in new technologies, processes and people to help our customers to stay ahead of competition and achieve their business goals.

That all being said, we want emphasize that we stands on the edifice of quality, innovation and creativity which helps us stand out from the rest.