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Website maintenance
All websites needs to be maintained in order to keep them up to date. Some sites need daily updates while others only need occasional maintenance. Website maintenance includes revising, editing, or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date. The periodic addition of new web pages is also part of maintenance services. Keeping your website up-to-date.

Your website content is edited with updated information. Most maintenance job includes at least the following:

• Modification and Addition of Website Content.
• Image Manipulation and Addition (client supplied images).
• Shopping cart product updates.
• Replace images i.e. pictures & graphics.
• Adding/removing pages.
• PDF creation and uploading.

Maintaining & managing your site: We monitor your site on an ongoing basis and make changes that improve your site performance for faster download and improved content spread.

Re-structure your site contents: Using your site access statistics like how many visitors your site has, and what they look at while visiting, we can help you re-structure your site contents and navigation elements for increased business.

Secure & Protect your site: Server side programming used for form processing, database management, search and display functions, shopping carts etc. require regular updating to implement fixes for security holes discovered from time to time. We can manage ASP, PHP and Perl codes for all sorts of web applications.

Why Website Maintenance Service Is Important ?
This is certainly true for many businesses if not all, that website maintenance is taken for granted and not given enough consideration. Many consider it a one-time task, where once they have got a website there is no further need to rejig it. There can be no better analogy than comparing a website with some kind of machinery, whereby you have to keep it oiling and refitting regularly, so that it runs smooth for a good longer time.

Here are some most commonly understood reasons, why website maintenance takes centre stage time to time.

Technical Glitches & Support: If any user comes across an obvious technical glitch that can actually lead to reducing your business's credibility in his perception. A website glitch may seem trivial, but actually has a lot of impact the way people rank your credibility. It's like a termite induced rot for your credibility.

Slow Response : Although this can be counted as a kind of glitch, it deserves to have its own position as a problem. A slow response website will obviously annoy any customer, especially during peak business hours. It not only annoys a visitor but also directs him to a rival.

Take a monthly or yearly maintenance package for minor and major updates to existing pages!